Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos Testing

Northwest Asbestos offer asbestos sampling services to identify the type of asbestos present. If your house is built before 1990, it is quite likely that your house will contain some form of asbestos material. An inspection by a qualified asbestos consultant can identify potential asbestos containing materials within your house.


The results of testing can provide peace of mind as to confirm whether the material actually contains asbestos or not. If the results of asbestos testing confirm that the material does not contain asbestos, this will reduce the cost of your renovation or demolition.

Asbestos Testing Methods

It isn’t as easy as just looking at the material with the naked eye to see if it contains asbestos, the presence of asbestos in a material can only be confirmed by laboratory testing. Method for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk sample is the applicable standard for asbestos testing. This involves viewing the fibres under a polarised light microscope under different conditions to confirm the type of asbestos, if present.

Results of Asbestos Testing

The results of asbestos testing indicate the type of asbestos found:


  • Chyrsotile (white asbestos)
  • Amosite (brown asbestos)
  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos)


If the sample does not contain asbestos NAD or No Asbestos Detected will appear.

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